About Us


Electro South West was founded in 1986 by Martyn & Tracey Clapp solely as an Electro plating processing company, servicing the needs of engineering companies in the Bridgwater and surrounding areas. As a result of requests by customers for the company to supply fixings and fasteners ready plated, Electro started to source and plate the fasteners and deliver to it's customers. Over a period of time this lead to a natural progression of supplying fixings and fasteners, hand and power tools, PPE safety gear, abrasives and allied products separate to the plating services and has grown to a position where Electro's supply of goods represents 98% of its turnover, with plating being retained as a facility for customers other then a mainstream product line.

In more recent years the company was approached by the THS / Troy Group and became a member, which has lead to continued growth in the product lines available from world renowned suppliers, allowing Electro South West to become more competitive in a wider market place. The company has established a very high reputation throughout Somerset and surrounding counties, undertaking contracts for both large and small businesses, selling products at keen prices with service being of paramount importance and quality is never compromised. The company's success was, and still remains, attributable to a firm commitment by all staff members to customer satisfaction.

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