Drop In Anchor Setting Punches

Drop-in anchor setting punches are essential tools for installing drop-in anchors in solid concrete. Drop-in anchors are internal threaded anchors that provide a secure and reliable connection for threaded rods or bolts. They are commonly used for hanging pipes, ductwork, sprinkler systems, and other fixtures from ceilings or walls.

To use a drop-in anchor setting punch, you need to drill a hole in the concrete with the same diameter as the anchor. Then, insert the anchor into the hole and tap it lightly with a hammer until it is flush with the surface. Next, place the setting punch over the anchor and strike it firmly with a hammer until the anchor expands and grips the concrete. Finally, you can thread a rod or bolt into the anchor and tighten it as required.

At Electro SW, we offer a range of drop-in anchor setting punches in different sizes to suit your needs. Our setting punches are made of high-quality metal and have a hand guard for extra safety (except for M16 and M20 sizes). They are compatible with our JCP drop-in anchors, which are also available in various sizes and quantities. You can order online or visit our trade counter to get your drop-in anchor setting punches and other fixings and fasteners

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