Hexagon Head Ankerbolts Zinc Plated

Hexagon head ankerbolts, also known as thunderbolts, are self-tapping anchors that can be used in a variety of base materials, such as concrete, brick, stone and blocks. They have a hexagonal head that can be tightened with a spanner or a socket wrench. Hexagon head ankerbolts are ideal for fast and secure installation of heavy-duty fixtures and fittings, such as railings, gates, machinery and shelving. They are available in different sizes and lengths to suit your needs. To install hexagon head ankerbolts, you simply need to drill a hole, insert the anchor into the hole and tighten the head. No expansion force is applied to the base material, which reduces the risk of cracking or splitting. Hexagon head ankerbolts are a reliable and convenient solution for your anchoring needs.

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