Torx (TX) Drive Screwdrivers

Torx screwdrivers are tools that have a six-point star shaped pattern on their tip and are designed to work with Torx screws. Torx screws are more secure and resistant to tampering than flat-head or Phillips-head screws. They are often used in cars, computers and other devices that require precision and durability.

Torx screwdrivers were invented by Camcar Textron in the 1940s as a way to produce screws for airplanes using cold forming. Since then, they have become popular for various applications such as cars and computers that require tamper-resistant screws.

At Electro South West, we offer a range of Torx screwdrivers to suit your needs. Whether you need precision Torx screwdrivers for small devices, VDE insulated Torx screwdrivers for electrical work, or ratcheting Torx screwdrivers for convenience, we have them all. You can also choose from different brands such as Beta, Wera, C.K., and Draper.

Browse our selection of Torx screwdrivers below and find the right tool for your needs. You can also check out our other types of screwdrivers such as Phillips, Slotted and Pozidriv. Order online today and get fast delivery to your doorstep.



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